With or Without You

I think one of the harsher realities of widowhood is that the world kedps turning and life continues with or without you. People die everyday, the living moun and then they move on. Round and around it goes like some cruel carousel. m not on the c


While putting away my rings in my new jewelry holder inside my dresser...I look down and think- rings are such an interesting custom. Did you know that concept of a ring dates back to the 3rd century? The ring as a symbol of unity is generally credited to the Egyptians with adaptations by the ancient... Continue Reading →


As I sit at my desk, it is difficult to focus. I am taking short, shallow breaths- fighting the feeling of crushing weight on my chest. I am swallowing the lump in my throat and blinking away the sting of tears welling in my eyes, threatening to spill over onto my face and embarrass me.... Continue Reading →

The Bitter Truth

There is so much about what happened to me and my family that is unfair- though I will say that I also respect that my tribulations do not outweigh those of others. That heing said- I am excruciatingly bitter. I know it's not fair to be envious and angry at others' happiness. I know it's... Continue Reading →

A Late Night Thought

Do they refer us to as the "surviving spouse" because we're simply surviving, not living? We are survivors. We've survived- Suicide Homicide Disease Over dose Car wrecks Cancer Hemmorages Workplace Accidents Heart Attacks Strokes Organ Failure.... From the moment our spouses took their last breath, we became survivors... Until we can truly live again.

Growing Pains

I recently purchased a new home that's about twice the size of my current home. With Gwendolyn becoming more mobile and Luke growing bigger, we need more space both now, and for us to grow into for the next fifteen+ years. While I am both excited to be a first-time home buyer- I face a... Continue Reading →


This is not my writing, it was something a widower sent to me to read because it had resonated with him. It resonates with me, and I hope you if you've lost someone, anyone- that you find a bit of truth or understanding it in as well. "Alright, here goes. I'm old. What that means... Continue Reading →


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