I Forgot

Yesterday I was supposed to bring Crockpot Mac & Cheese to a pot luck for work...but I forgot. The day before we we're supposed to hang out but I had to cancel last minute...because I forgot. Oh, I've told you that story before? I don't remember telling you.. I must have forgotten. and I'm so... Continue Reading →

Widowed and…Dating?

Let's talk about the giant, widowed, bat-shit crazy, black-veil-wearing elephant in the room---- Dating post loss. I want to make one thing very clear, when/if people date post loss varies, however, whether it be one week or fifty years- it is none of your business. Dating post loss is hard. After the marriage you thought... Continue Reading →


Sean's death makes me uncomfortable. Twice this week I have had to point out Sean's death to important people in our children's lives. The first was on Saturday when the coach at Luke's basketball practice announced the dad-son basketball game next week and I had to speak to him after practice and explain his absence... Continue Reading →

Children and Suicide

While I've been thinking about this post for a while, I'm just now getting around to writing it. On September 29th, 2018, myself, Luke, Gwendolyn, my mother-in-law and a friend participated in Detroit's Annual Out of The Darkness walk for suicide awareness. To see how many people were affected by suicide and mental illness was... Continue Reading →

Weird Shit Widows Do

Widowhood has been the most gloriously nonsensical WTF experience I've ever lived (and am still living) through. While most of this will seem quite tame to the widow community I thought it'd be fun to compile a list of some of the batshit crazy shenanigans both myself and other widows have done. Write blogs about... Continue Reading →

Swagger & Spearmint

Old Spice Swagger; "For the man who holds the complete works of Aristotle in one hand and a delicious sandwich in the other." What a fitting description of the man who wore it everyday. The smell is forever burned into my brain. A deliciously intoxicating combination of spearmint shampoo and Old Spice Swagger deodorant. Oh,... Continue Reading →

Things I Learned Abroad

While it was a difficult decision to continue on with this trip after Sean died and leave my kids for two weeks it is undoubtedly the best decision I have made for both myself and my family in a long time. I learned silly trivia, local slang and profound life lessons in my two weeks... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday

I hope. I hope wherever you are now, you're as happy as you were in this picture. I hope you're not scared or suffering anymore. I hope your soul is at peace. I wish. Oh, I wish you could see how loved you were. I wish you could see how you were the tie that... Continue Reading →

3,470 Miles

I write this from my hostel in Dublin, Ireland. Today is the tenth day of our trip and the last country before heading home and checking back into reality. While it's been refreshing to get away for a bit, the shadow of grief you cast upon me knows no bounds and still follows me wherever... Continue Reading →


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