A Late Night Thought

Do they refer us to as the "surviving spouse" because we're simply surviving, not living? We are survivors. We've survived- Suicide Homicide Disease Over dose Car wrecks Cancer Hemmorages Workplace Accidents Heart Attacks Strokes Organ Failure.... From the moment our spouses took their last breath, we became survivors... Until we can truly live again.

Growing Pains

I recently purchased a new home that's about twice the size of my current home. With Gwendolyn becoming more mobile and Luke growing bigger, we need more space both now, and for us to grow into for the next fifteen+ years. While I am both excited to be a first-time home buyer- I face a... Continue Reading →


This is not my writing, it was something a widower sent to me to read because it had resonated with him. It resonates with me, and I hope you if you've lost someone, anyone- that you find a bit of truth or understanding it in as well. "Alright, here goes. I'm old. What that means... Continue Reading →

With Gratitude

To my mom that brings me leftovers from her house and helps me tidy up. Who always knows what to say, yet has to wisdom to know that now may not be the best time to say it. To my dad that helps me keep track of car, house and lawn maintenance. Who strives to... Continue Reading →

Conversations with a Priest

Sean was never afraid of dying. He worked so frequently around death, it was no longer a morbid or taboo topic of thought or discussion. He did military funeral honors for five years and worked for Lynch & Sons Funeral home before getting picked up for AGR (Active Reservist) with the Army. He was baptized... Continue Reading →

Take Care

I noticed my coworker watering her plant today and thought...I am like that plant. When I was a little girl I used to help my mom water her flowers in the flower boxes and I thought you had to pour the water on the leaves and flowers, but I was wrong. It's not the pretty,... Continue Reading →


I was talking to a mom at karate the other night after Gwendolyn helped herself to some of this lady's daughter's toys. We made conversation and as it always does, my dead husband came up. Though I didn't mention the method of his passing the conversation segwayed into post partum depression and her friend who... Continue Reading →

Honesty is the Best Policy

They say "honesty" is the best policy. But when it came to the truth of telling Luke how his dad had died, I took a more "don't ask, don't tell approach". I couldn't even muster up the heart to tell Luke that Sean had died, Sean's best friend did it for me. How could I... Continue Reading →

Trigger Me Timbers

I apologize for the title of this post, I simply couldn't help myself. Ahem, anyways-   I bought a gun about three months ago, which may take more than a few of you aback. Why? I thought, would it make people feel uneasy that I had purchased a gun? Was it because my husband used... Continue Reading →


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